Friday, December 30, 2011

Immanent Survival

We can see the light. We have been prisoners of our own design for over a year now. We chose a path of adventure and excitement to satisfy our curiosities of the unknown.  Now that unknown has moved into the realm of 'all to familiar'.  We are posed ready for the next phase to begin.  One in which our burning desire for previous common experiences can begin again.  The countdown to the great exodus of the Delcamp family from Switzerland has commenced.

My wife's steps have become light, almost as if in a trance, dancing impossibly elevated by thin air on our way to do frustratingly difficult tasks such as grocery shopping. The adventure has been worth its weight in gold...which incidentally is the price of the bills you should expect upon entering and residing here. My wife and I have a sworn oath of contentment upon returning to the US, even during tasks labeled as mundane.  There is significant chance my double lefted, lead weighted feet setup may appear to be walking on thin air as well the first day I load groceries into our car and drive home instead of pulling a cart full of goods up the steep Alp incline.  

Right now our sights are set on ATL and I can't wait for our first rap show.  Who will it be Ludacris, T.I. or Soulja Boy?  

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